Mistrial Declared for Providence Man Charged with Murder

Published 12/06/2016


Man Charged With Murder Found Not Guilty

Published 11/08/2016

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Former Dancer Pleads Not Guilty to Strip Club Stabbing

Published 06/05/2016


Prison or College?

Published 05/17/2016

A man came to me after being arrested and charged with trafficking over 300 pounds marijuana. The DEA and local police had executed a search warrant for a crate believed to contain contraband. Once the search was executed and marijuana was seized the man was arrested.  After speaking with my client and reviewing the reports, I found there to be issues with the search.  A motion to suppress was filed and...


5 Tips You Need To Know Before You Get Behind The Wheel

Published 04/29/2016

It's your worst nightmare. You’ve been pulled over by the police based on suspicion of drunk driving.  You're scared to death and have no idea what to do. You begin assessing how much you've had to drink and think do I take the Breathalyzer test? Do I get out of the car and take the sobriety...

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