First-Degree Murder - Result: Not Guilty

A man was charged with first-degree murder, armed robbery and accessory after the fact to murder. After a jury trial, the man was found not guilty of the offenses.  He is now a free man and gainfully employed.


Second-Degree Murder Charge - Result: Reduced to Involuntary Manslaughter

A Somerset man was charged with murder.  The defense was prepared to challenge the cause of death based on defense expert testimony.  On the eve of trial and after months of extensive discussions with the prosecutors, the defendant was offered a plea to a lesser offense of involuntary manslaughter and was sentenced to 9-10 years imprisonment and was spared spending his entire life in prison.


Guns, Ammunition and Cocaine Seized - Result: Not Guilty

While investigating the cause of a fire in Westport, police seized an AK-47, UZI and other firearms, ammunition and cocaine.  After a jury trial, the defendant was acquitted on all gun, ammunition and drug offenses.


Illegal Possession of Firearm - Result: Not Guilty

After a routine car stop in New Bedford, the police conducted a search of the vehicle and found a loaded 9mm gun under the passenger seat; the passenger was arrested.  After a jury trial in the New Bedford District Court, the defendant was found not guilty.


Trafficking Oxycodone - Result: Dismissed

Defendant was charged with trafficking Oxycodone over 200 grams.  A motion to dismiss was litigated whereby it was argued that there was no connection between the accused and the drugs found; the court agreed.  The motion was allowed and the case was dismissed.


Trafficking Heroin - Result: Reduced

The defendant was charged with trafficking over 200 grams of heroin, which carried a minimum / mandatory sentence of 12 years.  After litigating a motion to suppress combined with considerable plea discussions, this first-time offender was spared jail time and was sentenced to probation with conditions that include maintaining employment and submission to random drug screens.  The defendant is now working and acquiring a college degree.


Heroin Distribution - Result: Dismissed

After a search warrant was executed for a residence in New Bedford, the defendant was charged with trafficking heroin.  A motion to suppress was successfully argued.  The Commonwealth of Massachusetts appealed the judge’s ruling and the case was heard in the Appeals Court.  After oral argument, the Appeals Court agreed with the trial judge’s decision allowing the motion.  The case was dismissed.


Federal Drug Conspiracy - Result: Sentence Reduced

Defendant was indicted for conspiracy and possession with intent to distribute heroin.  The government was seeking a sentence of 65-month imprisonment.  After a plea, the defendant was sentenced to 36 months imprisonment without any cooperation with the government as well as participation in the Bureau of Prisons Residential Drug Abuse Program, which will reduce his sentence significantly. The sentencing judge allowed the defendant to self-surrender to his designated prison.


Cocaine Possession - Result: Dismissed

A defendant’s vehicle was searched with a canine in the City of Boston and a substantial quantity of cocaine was seized. If the defendant were convicted, he would have been sentenced to a minimum mandatory sentence of three and a half years.  A motion to suppress the canine search was allowed and the matter was dismissed.


Kilo of Fentanyl Possession - Result: Dismissed

While the New Bedford Police Department was conducting surveillance as part of an investigation into drug trafficking at a particular residence, an individual was seen entering the building and exiting a short time later. They stopped the suspect’s vehicle and ordered him out of the car. Noticing a bulge in his waistband, the officer seized the item, which turned out to be a kilo of Fentanyl. I filed a motion to suppress based on illegal search procedures, and the motion was allowed. The case was dismissed, and the defendant was spared a prison sentence of up to 20 years.


Marijuana Trafficking - Result: Dismissed

A man hired me after he was arrested and charged with trafficking over 300 pounds marijuana. The DEA and local police had executed a search warrant for a crate believed to contain contraband. Once the search was executed and marijuana was seized the man was arrested.  After reviewing the reports, there were issues with the search. A motion to suppress was filed and successfully litigated.  As a result of this work, the case was dismissed. Instead of going to prison, the man is now enrolled in college, furthering his education and choosing a path of contribution rather than crime.


Assault Charge - Result: No Jail Time

Defendant was indicted for assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, operating motor vehicle to endanger, larceny over $250.00 and leaving the scene of an accident with personal injury after having run the victim over with the vehicle she was driving. After successfully working with the District Attorney’s Office and the Probation Department, the defendant was sentenced to two years probation and avoided jail time.


Drunk Driving - Result: Dismissed

A recent client was charged with drunk driving. After a successfully litigated motion to suppress, which challenged the stop of the vehicle, the case was dismissed. Despite the client's refusal to take the breathalyzer test, which resulted in a six-month loss, his license was reinstated due to the case being dismissed.


Drunk Driving - Result: Not Guilty

A defendant was charged with second offense drunk driving.  The case was brought to trial and the result was a not guilty; his license was reinstated.