Attorney Frank D. Camera has been my family’s attorney since 2006. He represented my son-in-law on a serious charge of cocaine possession with intent to distribute. This young man was facing serious prison time. Attorney Camera immediately went to work and had his client released on bail the same day he was arrested and had all charges dismissed, leaving this young man with a clean record. Mr. Camera also represented my daughter for possession of marijuana and immediately had this charge dismissed. My daughter and son-in-law are very grateful that they have no criminal record and are able to be gainfully employed.

On April 28, 2016 my home was surrounded by Homeland Security, FBI, State and Local Police who had a search warrant and my son was arrested and charged with a federal crime.

The federal prosecutor wanted my son detained but Attorney Camera was able to have my son released. Upon release, my son and I had several meetings with Attorney Camera regarding the case, which carried a maximum of twenty years prison time. Upon being released on bail, the Judge made the statement “You have a good attorney, obey the rules of probation.”

When the federal prosecutor became unreasonable, Attorney Camera requested a meeting with the supervisor and was granted a meeting so he could pursue every avenue of defense for my son.

On May 31, 2017, my son pled guilty. Before sentencing in open court the Judge praised Attorney Camera for working so hard on behalf of his client. With good behavior and programs my son will serve 3 years, though the Federal Prosecutor recommendation was ten years! A great outcome considering the circumstances.

Due to my trade I have been in several courtrooms and have witnessed many lawyers in action and in my opinion Attorney Camera is a top-tier attorney. I respect him greatly and would not hesitate to put my trust in Attorney Camera’s hands.
— J. B.

Drug Offense

On the day of my arraignment court staff repeatedly told me, if I was going to get a private lawyer, Frank Camera was the best in the business. After having him on my side against a felony charge I can unequivocally say that what they told me was nothing less than the truth. Frank is pragmatic, hard-working, and has unbounded intelligence in law. He knows the places and the players, and makes the system work for his clients. If it weren’t for Frank Camera and his staff, at this moment I might have been in a jail cell instead of a classroom earning my master’s degree.
— D. C.



To describe Frank Camera in my own words, I would have to call him an angel. This amazing, dedicated, profound man saved my life, and there is no exaggeration to that statement. He literally saved my life. It was like Frank became a part of my family, he worked so hard to make sure I had a second chance at life; he seen past the mistake i made, and saw me as a person. He is a charismatic lawyer in the courtroom, very respected, and determined. I put my life in his hands, and because he was a driven, hard working lawyer, he was able to give it right back to me. I am forever grateful for him, not only me, but my family as well.
— S. F.



When I first got caught up in this case I didn’t think it was going to take the course that it did. In the beginning, I guess you could say that the shock didn’t set in totally. I really didn’t see the severity of the case in the beginning. I know that I didn’t hurt anyone, but really didn’t understand that I was still involved when it came to the letter of the law.

I was represented at first by a good man and lawyer. He was very determined to prove my innocence and help me to the best of his abilities. He believed in me from the beginning and never said different. He was determined to prove that I wasn’t the person of interest. He did his best to keep me from losing faith. Unfortunately he was stricken with a disease that ended up winning. His name was James McCarthy. May he rest in peace.

Before his death my case had taken a turn for the worse. They refused to look at the people at hand for some reason unknown to me. Instead they decided to place all the blame on me and charged me with murder.

I was then blessed with a friend, a great man, and an unbelievable lawyer; Frank Camera. He was the lawyer who stepped up and took my case. He assured me from the beginning that he will do everything in his power to prove that I was innocent of the crime that I was being charged with. There were times when I was losing my faith, maybe it was because I was being held for almost 6 years for this case without any light at the end of the tunnel, which was the way I was feeling at times.

There was the fear of knowing that there has been people that have been convicted of crimes, even murder that they didn’t commit, so it must have been the fear of knowing those facts that was when I was losing my faith. That was when Frank would look at me and reassure me that he will make sure that I won’t have to go through that and he will not give up on me or the fight for my freedom.

He kept saying to me throughout the trial that he will do his best to make sure things and facts will not go unnoticed. He has proven that he is a great lawyer and will go the extra mile throughout the trial. He never let me or allowed me to lose focus. He had strengthened my faith in the days leading up to the end of my trial. I have never seen or known a lawyer to fight so hard for something, which I knew he believed in me and my case. He did his job with so much passion, that if it wasn’t for Frank I don’t think I would have been acquitted.

I thank this man Frank Camera for not giving up on me and believing in me throughout and until the end. I am now a productive member of society and I now have a second chance at a good life. I have promised Frank that I will live a good respectable life and so far I have. Frank will always be in my prayers and thoughts until my last days. God bless him and his family now and forever.
— H. G.